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3D model of the Lift2Go Alpha version
A 3D model of the Lift2Go Alpha version

As part of our commitment to developing the best accessibility equipment in the world, Adaptive Concepts Ltd looks for partners who can help our company to achieve at the highest level. So, when it came to computer aided design (CAD) software, we investigated many packages and eventually chose a bold new company called Onshape Inc ( Onshape is proud that we selected their industry-leading online 3-D CAD software as the design platform for developing the Lift2Go. They are so proud, in fact, that they wrote an article about us! You can see what they wrote here:

It’s been a great partnership: Onshape provides nimble, fast-evolving software that is ideal for developing revolutionary new products, and Adaptive uses it to research, design, and engineer the cutting-edge technology needed to make the Lift2Go a reality.

We are delighted to use Onshape and even more delighted that they chose to highlight our work in their customer portfolio.

Anyone who is interested in 3D design needs to know one more thing about Onshape: they make the same amazing version of their software that we use available for free to any users. That’s right – the same fully-featured CAD system that Adaptive purchases can be tried out and used by anyone! The only compromise is that designs done on the free version are made available to all other Onshape users – so you don’t want to work on anything top secret. Still, it’s a great way for hobbyists, start-ups, small businesses, and home users to solve design problems in 3D at no cost.