The Lift2Go is a mobile lift designed to provide wheelchair access on a temporary basis. It is not intended as a permanent replacement for self-operable elevators, lifts, or installed ramps. Use the Lift2Go to fill short-term needs such as:

  • Providing temporary access to your location for visitors with disabilities  
  • Bringing seniors home from extended care facilities for weekends or holidays
  • Filling an accessibility gap while waiting for permanent lifts/ramps to be installed
  • Facilitating early hospital release (to get people home ASAP)
  • Accessing rental properties or condos where the user does not have ownership rights
  • Providing access to temporary stages other non-permanent structures

You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to use the Lift2Go – anyone who doesn’t feel safe or comfortable using stairs can use it. It can also be used to elevate people with walkers, strollers, prams etc. For safety, all passengers must be seated during use and wheeled devices must have the brakes applied. You can use the Lift2Go either indoors or outdoors.

The Lift2Go can be deployed in a number of different ways:


If you are expecting a visitor with a disability for a weekend stay, you will want to have a Lift2Go located at your home for a few days. In this case, your retailer will set up the Lift2Go and show you how to operate it yourself.  Although it usually not necessary to modify your home, we recommend that the Lift2Go be secured to the site for additional safety and theft-prevention.


Sometimes it makes sense to leave the Lift2Go in place for a few weeks or even months – for example while you wait for warm weather to pour a concrete pad for your permanent lift. When this happens, the lift should be installed for maximum safety, security and convenience. The Lift2Go easily adapts to this scenario by providing bolt-down features for all the major components. Once the bolts are in place, the Lift2Go cannot be taken apart or moved without tools.

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to hire the Lift2Go for as short as an hour or two. This may not always be practical or cost effective. Check with your local provider to see if this is available in your area.

The goal for the Lift2Go is to deliver accessibility anywhere!

Rent or Own

The Lift2Go is available for rental or pre-order in Calgary – please contact us at 403-243-9400 or for further information.

You can also see and try the Lift2Go at the Calgary CO-OP Home Health Care and 101 Mobility, Calgary.

Right now, the Lift2Go is available only in Calgary. Look for us across Canada in the summer of 2022!


According to research, there are about 7x as many people with mobility impairments as there are people who use wheelchairs and scooters (Reference 1). In addition to these categories, there are many individuals do not meet the formal definition of having a disability but who, for one reason or another, choose to use a power scooter or other mobility aid in their daily lives. This situation is so common that it goes almost unnoticed – until someone needs to get a 75 kg (165 lb) scooter up a flight of 6 stairs.

The Lift2Go is designed to help these people also. Anybody can use the Lift2Go as a method to raise or lower themselves and their mobility device. Just like it does for wheelchair users, the Lift2Go offers a convenient, safe and reliable way for other users negotiate height barriers and bring their preferred equipment with them.

Lift2Go with mobility scooter

At present, all Lift2Go users are required to ride in a wheeled mobility device for safety.


  1. Emma M. Smith, Edward M. Giesbrecht, W. Ben Mortenson, William C. Miller; “Prevalence of Wheelchair and Scooter Use Among Community-Dwelling Canadians”; Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal, 2016 Aug; 96(8): 1135–1142;

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