Do you have questions about the Lift2Go? These Frequently Asked Questions may help clear things up.

  1. Why is the Lift2Go called an “ultra-portable lift”?
    1. The Lift2Go is the only inclined platform lift that can be installed in minutes and breaks down to smaller parts for easy transport by a single operator. This is a great new feature that opens up new possibilities for people with disabilities.
  2. Is it easy to operate?
    1. Yes! All the controls are ergonomically designed for ease of use. And the high-efficiency manual power system requires only about 4.5kg (10 lb) force to operate – that’s about the same weight as picking up a jug of milk. Children as young as 10 years old have operated the Lift2Go!
  3. Can I self-operate the Lift2Go, or do I need an attendant?
    1. We expect there will be an attendant to help with boarding, elevating, and disembarking passengers from the lift.  It may possible to self-operate the lift with approval and training from your local retailer.
  4. What kind of training do I need to operate the lift?
    1. Your local retailer will provide a training session when they deliver the Lift2Go.  Most people can learn to operate the Lift2Go in 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Is it easy to transport and set up?
    1. Yes, a single operator can assemble or take it apart in a few minutes.  The Lift2Go fits in the back of most minivans, SUVs or station wagons. It can also be taken apart completely to fit into smaller vehicles or for air transport.
  6. Where can I get one?
    1. The Lift2Go is sold and rented through local retailers. Please email us to learn who your local representative is.  For now, the Lift2Go is available for rental in the Calgary area only. We are also taking pre-orders for delivery in summer 2019.
  7. Why is it manually powered?
    1. After 40+ years of designing portable wheelchair lifts for outdoor applications we have found that manual power is the safest, most reliable way to power them. It also reduces installation and permitting costs. The secret is to make it easy to operate – that’s exactly what we’ve done!
  8. Is it safe?
    1. This product is designed by professional engineers and has been load tested and endurance tested to meet the highest standards.
      For more information, check out the safety information on our Features page. 
  9. Is the Lift2Go a new product?
    1. Yes, it’s a brand-new product, but the design team has been working on similar technologies for over 40 years and has built wheelchair lifts for over 35 years.  Check out our About Us page!
  10. What safety codes do I have to meet?
    1. Each jurisdiction has its own code requirements, which your local retailers can help you understand.
  11. Can it be used outdoors?
    1. Yes, please use it outdoors! The Lift2Go is rated for indoor or outdoor use and is can be operated from -40C to +50C in all weather conditions.
  12. Does this need a permit?
    1. Usually not. But each jurisdiction has its own code and permit requirements, so please check with your local retailers.
  13. Where is it appropriate to use a temporary lift?
    1. The Lift2Go is not a replacement for permanent accessibility solutions. If you need a permanent solution, we recommend you check with your local accessibility expert.
  14. What is the maximum capacity?
    1. The rated capacity is 340 kg / 750 lbs. For your safety, and the safety of the next users, never overload the Lift2Go.
  15. Can standing passengers use the lift?
    1. No. For safety, passengers must be seated in a wheelchair or scooter. This is recommended for most inclined platform lifts.
  16. How much space do I need to deploy it?
    1. Allow for 1-1.5 m (3-5 ft) approach on the ground , and an upper landing length of about 0.7 m (2 ft).  The standard lift is 1 m (40 in) wide and you need to allow 0.3-0.4 m (12-15 in) for the operator to walk beside the lift.
  17. What is the difference between temporary, semi-permanent and permanent access?
    1. We break it down like this: temporary access is up to a week , semi-permanent is up to 3 months, and anything beyond that is permanent.
  18. How often should it be inspected?
    1. As a short-term user, you don’t have to worry about inspections because your local retailer will check the unit after each rental. Each unit should also be inspected at least once per year.
  19. How long will it last?
    1. We designed and tested the Lift2Go to last in outdoor service for at least 10 years.  We have similar equipment still working hard after 20+ years of outdoor use!
  20. Can I order a custom color?
    1. You can have any color you like, as long as it’s aluminum!  Just kidding, we can deliver your lift with custom powder coating. Please check with your retailer for colors and pricing.
  21. Is financing available?
    1. For temporary access, the equipment can generally be rented.
      If you need to purchase a Lift2Go and need financing, we recommend asking your retailer about options.
  22. Does it have to be installed over stairs?
    1. No, the Lift2Go can be installed on a deck or raised landing up to 1.5 m (60 inches).  In that case, the retailer installer will take special precautions to secure the lift frame to the landing for extra safety. If you need a portable vertical platform lift, check out the Mobilift TX and Mobilift CX, made by our manufacturing partner.
  23. How big a wheelchair can use the Lift2Go?
    1. The platform of the Lift2Go is 0.76 m wide by 1 m long (30 x 39 in), so it can easily accommodate assistive devices that are that big. Because the access ramps sit at a 45 degree angle, it is usually possible to fit slightly larger devices also. We recommend testing the Lift2Go with your device to make sure everything works before you go out into the world.
  24. Why is the Lift2Go limited to angles between 25 and 35 degrees?
    1. The rails of the Lift2Go must be deployed on an angle between 25 and 35 degrees for reasons of safety and stability. This means that it cannot be set up over top of stairs that are less than a 25-degree slope (since the steps will interfere with the rails). You can set up the lift where the stairs are steeper than 35 degrees, but the rails themselves need to be within the specified range.
  25. What if I need a portable vertical platform lift (VPL)?
    1. Our manufacturing partner Adaptive Engineering Inc makes some of the most portable and most reliable VPLs in the world. Check out how they work on these pages: Mobilift CX and Mobilift TX. A video of the Mobilift is available here.

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