Okay, we can’t be sure, but we think we might have set a few world records over the past month for portable outdoor wheelchair lift performance. Here’s the story.

As part of our Christmas rental program, we provided 3 Lift2Go units to families who wanted to bring loved ones to their homes to visit. Providing a service like this is only practical and affordable if the accessibility equipment can be transported, setup, and recovered with the minimum of time and cost. Efficiency is the key! With that in mind, here are our results:  

  • Fitted 3 complete Lift2Go units into a minivan (Toyota Sienna)
  • Setup 3 Lift2Gos and trained 3 families in how to use them in 35 minutes each (onsite time)
  • Disassembled and recovered all 3 units in less than 15 minutes each (onsite time)
  • Achieved “no-trace” deployments: the Lift2Go’s left no traces behind after their removal
  • All the above activities completed at -20  to -25C (with a bit of snow and darkness to add excitement)

So, while we can’t be sure that these feats qualify as world records, they are remarkable accomplishments and highlight the revolutionary capabilities of the Lift2Go.

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