When Medical Outcome Is Uncertain, Lift2Go Is Great Temporary Access Solution

After having a spinal surgery, GG needed a temporary wheelchair lift to access the porch of his residence in sunny Chestermere, Alberta. He didn’t want to jump into installing a permanent VPL because it wasn’t clear whether he would ever be strong enough again to climb the stairs to the second floor of his home. Rather than spending money on a property that he might have to leave, GG rented the Lift2Go while he waited to see how his spine responded to treatment. After two months, GG decided to sell his home and move to a location that was more accessible.  

The Lift2Go was the perfect solution for GG because it was so affordable to rent for a short time. It saved him money in the long run and, in his own words, “It was simple to use and worked every time I needed it”.

 Congratulations on your new home, GG, and we wish you the best of health for the future!