Effortless Early Hospital Release with Lift2Go and GorillaGRID

When JF needed a way to get into his home after a brief hospitalization in the spring of 2020, he went looking for a new door-to-curb wheelchair access solution. His Alberta Health Services transition team had determined that his existing ramp was too steep for him to use safely on his own. JF needed a system that was suitable for short-term use, was readily available in the small town where he lives, was quick to deploy, and would give him the freedom to come and go independently.

Adaptive Concepts Ltd was able to provide an affordable rental solution based on the Lift2Go ultraportable wheelchair lift (www.lift2go.com) and a temporary sidewalk constructed from GorillaGRID (www.perfectsurfaces.ca/product/duragrid-deck-tile). The set up was exactly what JF needed to allow him to recover in the comfort and safety of his own home. The whole system deployed in under 2 hours and the weekly rental model eliminated the need for an expensive long-term contract. In JF’s words, the lift was a “life-giver” that empowered him to move around as he pleased safely and reliably.

This deployment is a great example of how the Lift2Go can improve the outcomes for both individuals and healthcare organizations. All the stakeholders benefited from this project:

  • The patient was able to return to his own home at the earliest opportunity – not only was he happier and more comfortable there, but he was protected from exposure to COVID-19 and other hospital-borne infections.
  • The healthcare system was able to realize significant costs savings by safely achieving hospital release weeks or months earlier than would have been possible otherwise.

Adaptive Concepts Ltd and our sister company, Adaptive Engineering Inc, have a range of solutions available for providing temporary access for people with disabilities. If you would like further information about our services, please contact us at: 403-243-9400 or info@adaptivefab.com.