Lift2Go & Mobilift Winter Operations Demos

During the week of Jan 13th, 2020 Calgary, AB experienced extreme cold weather down to -35C (-31F). While most individuals were eager to stay indoors, we were excited to get outside to demonstrate the reliability of our wheelchair lifts in arctic conditions!

We allowed the 2 lifts made by our corporate group, the Mobilift and Lift2Go, to soak overnight at -30C (-22F) and then put them through their paces. Despite being -27C (-17F) with light snow and a bitter wind, both lifts performed perfectly as can be seen in the videos below. Both products are rated to -40C (-40F) and can be operated once any snow or ice has been cleared from the platforms and moving parts. Don’t try this with your average wheelchair lift – they only work at these temperatures if you purchase the special “cold weather” upgrade.

The only hiccup we had was that our iPhone froze after only about 7 minutes of outside time!

Lift2Go Winter Operation Demo
Mobilift Winter Operation Demo