The Lift2Go is an ultra-portable lift for providing temporary access over stairs for individuals in wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility aids. The Lift2Go is produced by Adaptive Concepts Ltd.

The Lift2Go can make your location accessible in minutes.
It’s easy to use. If you can lift a jug of milk, you can operate the Lift2Go!

What Is Lift2Go?

The Lift2Go is a revolutionary inclined platform lift (IPL) that provides temporary accessibility at locations where installed elevators, lifts or, ramps are not available. Its ground-breaking modular design allows one person to easily transport it – and set up only takes a few minutes! Because the Lift2Go does not require external power or modifications to the site, it is the ideal solution for providing short-term visitor access.

How It Works

The Lift2Go is made up of segments that snap together to form a lift that is both light and extremely strong. In the travel configuration, it is easy for one person to move around, and it can be transported in the back of most minivans, SUVs or station wagons. Once onsite, the operator assembles only those parts that are needed for that location. The Lift2Go is an independent, free-standing unit, so it is normally not necessary to modify the building to be accessed. Amazingly, no tools are required to assemble or deploy the Lift2Go!

After the Lift2Go is assembled, the operator assists the passenger to board the lift and then elevates (or lowers) the platform using the ergonomic manual power system. The lifting system is so efficient that it’s easy to elevate the maximum load of 340 kg (750 lb) with only 5.5 kg (12 lbs) force – not much more effort than picking up a jug of milk. Raising the lift to the full height of 1.5m (5 ft) takes about 30  seconds (similar to a powered IPL).

The goal for the Lift2Go is to get you anywhere you want to go!

Need a Vertical Platform Lift Instead?

Do you need a portable vertical platform lift (VPL) rather than an inclined platform lift (IPL) like the Lift2Go? Our manufacturing division, Adaptive Engineering Inc, makes some of the most portable and most reliable VPLs in the world. Check out how they work on these pages: Mobilift CX and Mobilift TX. A video of the Mobilift is available here.

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