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The COVID-19 pandemic is putting unprecedented pressure on our healthcare system, resulting in a significant push to release as many healthy patients as possible from our hospitals and other institutions. In some cases, hospital release is being prevented or delayed because of lack of wheelchair access to peoples’ homes.

Adaptive Engineering Inc and 101 Mobility Calgary have partnered to address this problem by deploying our portable wheelchair lifts to provide Lift2Go services (mobile wheelchair lifting) to anyone needing immediate wheelchair access their residence.

The service includes:

  • assessing whether your home can be accessed by our equipment (at no charge);
  • coming to your residence at an agreed time to set up one of our lifts;
  • raising/lowering your family member, and;
  • returning your home to its original state before we leave.

To maximize the relief to our hospitals, Lift2Go services will be provided on a pay-what-you-can basis during the COVID-19 crisis.

Anyone wishing to make use of Lift2Go services should review the FAQs below and contact us to find out if we can access your location. Alternately, you can contact Graham Smith at Adaptive Engineering Inc: 403-243-9400 ext. 109 or

Lift2Go services are available only in the Calgary area as this time.


You can find the answers to these questions in the text below.


Approximately 70% of homes in the Calgary area can be accessed using one of our wheelchair lifts. To determine whether your location can be made accessible, one of our deployment technicians will need to assess your site. The preliminary assessment can be done by phone or email once you have reviewed the screening question here.

Site Screening Questions

User & Mobility Device Screening Questions

If you feel that your location may be accessible, please call one of our partners or provide the following information to

  • Your name, phone number and email
  • The address you wish to access
  • A few photos of the exact entrance you wish to reach

Note that it may be necessary for one of our staff to visit your location in advance to assess whether it can be made accessible.


  • Be sure to check all the possible entry ways to your home to find the easiest one!
  • Consider doing some of the prep work yourself to save costs.
  • Consider whether you have all the other items you need for a home stay. (eg: commode chair, grab bars, hospital bed, patient lifts etc). We recommend consulting with your OT or AHS transition coordinator if you have questions about what other equipment you may need.


During the COVID-19 crisis, we believe that no one should remain in a healthcare institution if they can safely be moved to a home setting. Therefore, Adaptive Engineering Inc and 101 Mobility Calgary will provide Lift2Go services on a pay-what-you-can basis to anyone who cannot afford the normal rates.

Normally the cost of lifting services depends on how difficult it is to access your location. In cases where no modifications are needed to your site the cost can be as low as $125. The costs increase if we need to send multiple personnel, travel long distances, level the deployment area, shovel significant amounts of snow, remove handrails, or wait for long periods for your family member to arrive. Properties that are difficult to access, may cost up significantly more per service call.

Our rate is $125 for the first 1 hour (the minimum charge) + $75/hour after that. Our deployment technicians will give you a quote to access your home based on your architecture, location, and user needs.

We ask that you make use of our pay-what-you-can offer (and our services in general) respectfully and responsibly. Our partners incur significant costs to provide them and our personnel are voluntarily exposing themselves to the risk of community transmitted COVID-19 to serve you. All our staff members have volunteered to assist with Lift2Go services – no one is required to participate.



Lift2Go services are provided using the Lift2Go (product) and Mobilift CX portable wheelchair lifts shown above. In addition to the information available on the webpages for these products, you can see the feedback from our customers posted on the AEI Facebook page and Lift2Go News page.


Our lifting technology is based on our +35-year track record of designing and manufacturing portable wheelchair lifts. The Mobilift, for example, is the #1 station-based wheelchair lift for trains in North America and is used by most major passenger railways including Amtrak, VIA Rail, MBTA and CalTrain. Over the past 25 years, close to 2000 Mobilifts of this type have been deployed around the world with 100% record of passenger safety.

Our deployment technicians are trained with our equipment and experienced in providing wheelchair accessibility. You can expect them to display the highest level of safety, courtesy, and customer service.

Staff members will abide by the following hygiene protocols to help protect your family. They will:

  • Be healthy and will not have any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Maintain social distancing where possible
  • Wear new disposable gloves when at your location
  • Wear protective glasses & face masks if near your family members (or on request)
  • Handle only those items at your home that are necessary to deploy our lifts
  • Spend the minimum amount of time on your property
  • Disinfect our equipment before and after every deployment


There is currently an acute shortage of ramps and lifts available to provide wheelchair access to people’s homes. To address this, Adaptive Engineering Inc has recalled our rental units and is making them available to provide Lift2Go services to those in need. By doing this, our two units will be able to assist dozens of individuals per week to get in and out of their homes.

We are building more portable wheelchair lifts so please check with us if you would like to rent one.


Lift2Go services are provided Adaptive Engineering Inc and 101 Mobility Calgary personnel.

The Adaptive Group consists of two related corporations: Adaptive Engineering Inc (AEI) and Adaptive Concepts Ltd (ACL). Together our firms have a 35-year history of designing and manufacturing best-in-class equipment for people with disabilities. Please check the About Us page on the Lift2Go website if you would like to find out more about our organizations, history, and mission.

101 Mobility Calgary is the locally-owned franchisee of one of the largest accessibility and mobility equipment retailers in North America. 101 Mobility specializes in renting and selling a wide variety of products to assist individuals and their families with independent living.

101 Mobility is independent of the companies in the Adaptive Group.